CTC 2021 (Communication and Technology Congress) will take place  April 12th-13th-14th 2021. The Congress will bring together academics and professionals coming from different fields to discuss their differing point of views on these questions related to “Communication” while referring to “technology”. “Communication ecology in the age of COVID-19” is our theme in this Congress.


  • Social Sciences (Digital Humantites, Communication Studies, Researches, Applied Studies…etc)
  • New Media (Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Interactivity, Convergence, Virtuality, Social Media, Philosophy of Technology, Political Economy… etc.)
  • Digital Arts (Cinema, Video, Television, Photograph, Illustration, Kinetic, Graphics… etc.)
  • Digital Society (E-community, Electronic Culture, Surveillance Society, Network Society…etc.)
  • Corporate Communication (Corporate Communication Management, Advertising, Public Relation, Marketing, Gamification, Sustainability… etc.)
  • Mass Communication (Television, Radio, Newspaper… etc.)
  • Communication Education (E-learning, Hybrid, Virtual, Blended, COVID-19)

Language Of CTC

Turkish and English